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Our Difference

Global IR is a highly unique group of professionals.
We provide comprehensive consulting services focusing on companies seeking to stabilize and to increase their global investors ownership ratio.


  • Practical advice based on extensive knowledge gained from major global investment banking experience.

  • Broad network coverage catering to global investors based in the US (NY, CT, FL), UK (London) and Japan (Tokyo).

  • In house analysts are leading professionals who have been awarded the title of top class analyst by Nikkei Veritas magazine, Institutional Investor magazine, and other publications.

  • Strategic development and support of IR tactics based on Japan's Corporate Governance Code and Stewardship Code, using US and UK IR initiatives as their framework.


Global IR provides customized and comprehensive consulting services, primarily targeting global institutional investors, to help them enhance their corporate value.


Global IR Support Services for Japanese Companies

  -Global IR/SR Consulting

  -Planning and execution of global non-deal roadshows

  -Preparation of analyst reports aimed for global investors

  -Creation of IR presentation materials with global investors in mind

Virtual Information Dissemination Support

  -Support in engagement with global investors virtually 

  -Planning and aid in video production of CEO dialogues 

  -SNS correspondence support


  -Pre-IPO Navigation and Post-IPO IR Consultation

  -Management and capital strategy study sessions for executives


Global IR can assist Japanese companies in their investor relations process to meet global standards.

  • Considerations and advice related to global capital markets

  • Address and discuss issues and create proposals for equity story

  • Organizing and navigating ESG, capital policy, and other fundamental management points

  • Stock price valuation analysis, liquidity promotion, and advice on improving corporate value

  • Coaching on presentation to avoid mismatches and promote mutual understanding

  • Developing a strategy to be granted a fair valuation by the market

  • Support for proactive investor relations program with global investors in mind

  • Strengthening ESG responsive engagement, a global standard

  • Selection and introduction of appropriate global investors (including strategic investments)

  • Provide appropriate response and advice to investors with a variety of investment strategies

  • Provide guidance in relation to activist response measures

  • Fostering high touch engagement through improved communication


Global IR does not stop at desk top theory; we support all the way from new investor introductions and ongoing engagement.


  • Content creation support (equity story building while focusing on the issues. assistance in creating presentation materials based on the standard investment style of global investors.)

  • Analyst report (full report production geared towards global investors made by top analysts; investor-oriented reports based on FAQs)

  • Support in video production (message transmission that shows the "face" of management, dialogue method, and consideration for investor engagement)

  • Facilitation of meetings with global investors

  • Post-meeting consultation including gathering feedback

  • Support for continuous year-round overseas IR activities

  • Assist in engagement with investors after MiFid-II implementation

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