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Meet The Executive Team

Misako Terui | Global IR, Inc.

​Misako ”Terri" Terui


Tomoharu Okabe | Global IR, Inc.

​ Tomoharu Okabe


Akira Kondoh | Global IR, Inc.

​Akira Kondoh

​Executive Advisor

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Professional Team  


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As of Feb, 2023. Total number of staff 17. Some overlap between departments

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Analyst Profile

20 years of Sell-side and Buy-side career

Name of Analyst

​  Masami Fujino

Analyst Bio

  More than 20 years of experience as an analyst in the research departments of major investment banks such as UBS Securities, JP Morgan Securities, and Citigroup Inc. She also worked as a buy-side analyst for a major hedge fund. Since 2015, working for a major IR company, preparing roadshow materials for IPO companies, equity stories for listed companies, mid-term management plans, and financial results presentation materials. Conduct a public information survey on the status of sustainability, ESG strategies, and information disclosure of overseas companies as part of a project by the Japan's Cabinet Office from October 2021 to March 2022, and verify examples of favorable disclosures. Also engaged in interview activities with overseas companies, ESG research firms, and overseas institutional investors regarding ESG strategies and disclosures.
Coverage Sector, Areas of Expertise

  Sectors include  small to medium cap stocks and emerging companies

  Consistently ranked in Institutional Investor Magazine, Nikkei Veritas Magazine (Electronics, Communications sector)


  I hope to contribute to the expansion of Japan's market capitalization by helping small to mid sized Japanese companies and emerging companies increase their corporate value. Even without an integrated report, small and medium sized companies can begin to take steps toward sustainability disclosure from their own perspectives and incorporate ESG into the company's business strategy, thereby moving to the next phase of growth.

Institutional Investor Magazine / Nikkei Veritas Magazine
Ranked 1st place for the past ten years in a row

Name of Analyst

  Toshiya Mizutani

Analyst Bio

  35 years as a sell-side analyst. Worked at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities.

Coverage Sector, Areas of Expertise

  Mainly in charge of the construction industry, but also has experience in housing and real estate. Specialized in capturing changes in industry trends based on macro statistics.

  Institutional Investor Magazine/First place in analyst Japan Construction Sector rankings 11 times(2007-2017), Nikkei Veritas Magazine/First place in analyst Construction Sector rankings 10 times(2006-2011,2013-2016).


​  There is a growing belief that corporate value is evaluated in terms of six types of capital: financial capital, manufacturing capital (plant, machinery, and land), regional capital, human capital, social capital, and natural capital. In response to the demands of the times, I would like to engage in research activities while keeping in mind that the axis of corporate evaluation is becoming increasingly diverse.

13 years of Buy-side investment and research experience

Name of Analyst

  Norio Shiina

Analyst Bio

  13 years of buy-side operations and research, More than 10 years of research on companies and industries as a third party. MUFG, Fidelity Investment Trust, etc.

Coverage sector, Areas of Expertise

  Covers both manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries, all company size. Coverage was mainly in healthcare, telecommunications/internet, financials, and all small- and mid-cap stocks.


  I try to maintain a long-term investment perspective and organize the drivers of corporate value for each company.

Institutional Investor Magazine
Top analyst for the past four years in a row

Name of Analyst

  Contributed Analyst

Analyst Bio

  Managing Director, U.S. Investment Bank, 20 years as a sell-side analyst

Coverage, Areas of Expertise

  Covering all industries with a focus on high-tech, General industry and technology trends, company analysis, etc.


  Multiple top rankings in financial magazines such as Institutional Investor magazine, including No. 1 for four consecutive years.


  Numerous interviews and analysis from startups to large companies.

Global Reserch Ranked 1st place

Name of Analyst

  Contributed Analyst

Analyst Bio

  Research Analyst at Deutsche Securities after working at Daiwa Securities, Engaged in investment banking. Research Analyst for more than 10 years.

Coverage sector, Areas of Expertise

  Chemical Sector, Mid-cap stock, Innovative Startups

  Global Reserch Ranked 1st place, Institutional Investor Magazine Ranked 2nd place, NIKKEI Financial Magazine Ranked 3rd place 


  I believe that if we can add value to companies for the markets, we can achieve win-win situations for all stakeholders.

Global IR, Inc.
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