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Sponsored Research Report

Global IR  effectively support your IR activities by writing and publishing sponsored research.

Company Sponsored Research 

​TSE (in code order)

​NASDAQ (in ticker order)

3132 Macnica Holdings

05/13/2024 FY03/2024 Full Year Result
02/12/2024 FY03/2024 Third Quarter Result
11/14/2023 FY03/2024 First Half Result
08/22/2023 FY03/2024 First Quarter Result
05/12/2023 FY03/2023 Full Year Result
11/09/2022 FY03/2023 First Half Result
10/25/2022 Initiation Report

3793 ​Drecom

05/14/2024 FY03/2024 Full Year Result
01/31/2024 FY03/2024 Third Quarter Result
10/27/2023 FY03/2024 Second Quarter Result
07/28/2023 FY03/2024 First Quarter Result
05/12/2023 FY03/2023 Fourth Quarter Result
01/31/2023 FY03/2023 Third Quarter Result
10/28/2022 FY03/2023 Second Quarter Result
07/29/2022 FY03/2023 First Quarter Result
05/13/2022​ FY2022 Full Year Result
03/22/2022 Entry into Web3BusinessAnnounced
01/27/2022 FY03/2022 Third Quarter Result
01/24/2022 FY03/2022 Second Quarter Result
05/13/2021​ FY2021 Full Year Result
02/15/2021 Initiation Report

7199 Premium Group

04/24/2024 Renewal Report
12/18/2023 FY2024 Second Quarter Result​
04/20/2023 FY2023 Third Quarter Result​
10/06/2022 FY2023 First Quarter Result​
01/19/2022 FY2022 Second Quarter Result
​07/12/2021 Initiation Report

SYT ​SYLA Technologies

11/27/2023 Announced business alliance with RIBERESUTE
11/10/2023 FY12/2023 First Half Result
07/12/2023 Initiation Report
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